We are looking for people living in Jakarta to participate in our study

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Why should I become a volunteer? (Benefits and risks)

Your participation in our study will help in the development and improvement of existing or new product.
Risk :  there is a possibility you will have some adverse reaction or adverse event after using the product. We will always take a good medical care of you during the study and will take full responsibility for any adverse event that happens.
Benefit : You will receive compensation.

What kind of studies are in SkinProof?

Dermatology product (cosmetic, nutraceutical, personal care), medical device testing. You may be instructed to use the product for a certain time in our site or home, and visit our site according to the study schedule. We will evaluate the acceptance of product time to time. The product include: face skin care , body care, hair care, oral supplemen, and dermatology medical device.

What is informed consent?

Informed consent is an official document that has all the information details about the study, as well as the terms and conditions that must be followed . We will need your signature as approval for entering the study.

What if I withdraw my participation during the study?

All studies are voluntary. After the informed consent is signed off, you can withdraw any time during the study, without being penalized. You will be asked to complete some administrative forms and will be compensated according to your participation.